Visore Solves Top Challenges Facing Cybersecurity Operations

  • Lack of asset visibility
  • Interoperability of tools
  • Complex data analysis
  • Conflicting data and alerts
  • Security policy compliance
  • Continuity of operations

Benefits of Visore Security Platform

Comprehensive Asset Visibility

The shift to the cloud is enabling organizations to manage costs and accelerate business. However, the visibility and management of assets across a hybrid environment has become complex and time consuming.


checkmark  Visore provides a complete always up-to-date view of all cyber assets across on-prem, cloud, or hybrid environments.

checkmark  Quickly identify potential threats to your organization’s critical assets before they are exploited.

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Interoperability of Tools

The average number of security and IT tools in organizations continue to increase while the level of complexity and time it takes to analyze data from these tools has gone up.


checkmark  Visore seamlessly automates integration with existing security and IT tools.

checkmark  Don’t get pinned down by closed end systems, swap out tools in your environment at anytime without disrupting your team’s productivity.

Better Decision Making

Security operations have become complex with overlapping data and alerts that cause fatigue and burnout.


checkmark  Visore removes data clutter generated by existing security and IT tools.

checkmark  Improve your overall risk profile with clear and actionable insight that drives automation in your security operations.

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Improve Operations Through Automation

Improve Efficiency of Security Operations

The rise of hybrid work environment along with an exponential increase in data and tools complexity has led to manual and error prone processes within SecOps.


checkmark  Visore automates the collection and analysis of data from existing security and IT solutions.

checkmark  Benchmark operations and prioritizes actions that lead to the highest value towards reducing risk.

checkmark  Improve productivity as security teams can now focus on implementation versus endless analysis.

Faster Policy Compliance

Compliance with industry standards is a continuous never-ending cycle. More organizations are required to meet compliance standards to do business than ever before.


checkmark  Visore helps your organization comply with security standards such as ISO and NIST.

checkmark  Automate compliance processes to save time and dramatically reduce the risk and high costs associated with non-compliance.

checkmark  Create policy at multiple levels and asset classes to allow flexibility in business operations.

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Visore Security Platform Enables Automation

Asset Visibility

Gain comprehensive asset inventory and quickly identify gaps in coverage using out of the box integrations with tools in your existing environment.

Security Orchestration

Automatic task creation, assignment, reporting, and notifications to track your progress to policy compliance.

Policy Compliance

Align security operations to ISO or NIST standard with over 50 policies out of the box that help accelerate adoption.

Vulnerability Management

Track progress, compliance, and efficacy over time to help you prioritize vulnerabilities for high value assets (HVA).

Events & Alerts

Consolidate and reduce alerts by integrating with your SIEM, EDR and other tools to help you prioritize high value actions.

System Configuration

Simplify thousands of compliance checks into a concise summary while tracking the efficacy via configuration risk score over time.

Case Studies

Don’t just take our word for it.  We have been recognized by Clutch as a top 100 security software provider thanks to our amazing customers and our commitment to their success. Here are a few examples of what our customers can achieve after adopting Visore Security Management Platform:


Customer Support

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Product Training:

We understand our customers have limited time for training.  Most users will be up and running in less than a day with our virtual training session.



Minimal installation and configuration time.  Visore is designed with quick-start in mind getting you up and running in no time.



We integrate with all leading security tools and as our brand promise, we will take care of the integration if we don’t already have it built.

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Ongoing Support:

Our live phone support and quick reply email support helps make sure you’re always getting value from Visore.